We love the look, the extensive range and the lush softness of this range.

Linen - Cotton textural delight!
As with all things we love, practical and beautiful.
Pre washed and ready to work, available in white waffle,
black waffle or grey waffle.
Measures 50cm x 60cm
Features a handy loop at the centre end for hanging
50% Linen 50% Cotton
All products are sewn/produced in Sweden to maintain quality. All linen is OEKO Tex 1000 certified meaning it is produced with no harmful substances. The flax is grown in France and Belgium and colouring powder produced in Germany. Every product is washed and tumble dried, pre-shrunk and ready to go. The waffle products will ‘contract’ due to the nature of the weave if tumble dried but can be pulled back into size if desired. Fringed details are sewn with zig zag seam so no fraying!