Grooming brushes for your beloved cat or dog
Wooden Pin Brush:
Features smooth rounded wood pins condition and massage your pets coat gently, keeping it matte free without pulling the scalp.The soft bristles are suited for cat or dogs with short or long coats, for conditioning and softening. Our dogs come a-running for this luxury brush!
Metal Pin Brush:
Ideal for dogs or cats with thicker coats. The bristle is soft yet firm and the metal pins can get through thicker layer for detangling.
Both made in Germany from waxed beech wood and tampico fibre. 
Size: 23cm x 7cm
Metal Comb is 18cm long
Tampico is a durable, porous fiber from the Mexican agave or yucca plant that is heat, alkali and acid resistant. Works well for wet or dry applications. Just so you know......