No.09 The White Duke is a second cousin to the Earl Grey, and a not-so-subtle nod to Bowie, these organic white tea buds are scented with the natural essence of Sicilian bergamot and dappled with delicate blue cornflowers. The difference between natural bergamot and its synthetic counterpart is a revelation. While the synthetic version resonates a singular note, the natural essence prompts awareness of a more faceted and voluptuous character true to the citrus' more complex nature. In a word, gorgeous. Lighter than a traditional Earl Grey, The Duke is delicate, yet lively, with a clarity that makes this a truly elegant and stylish tea. Also lovely iced.

Ingredients: Organic Chinese white tea buds, organic bergamot essence, and organic blue cornflowers .

As a shop keeper there are some products that well, lets just say you would move hell or high water to be able to stock
Ive obsessed over this amazing partnership, images of their beautiful New York tasting rooms, their impeccable standards and beautiful presentation for hmmmm about 5 years and now, here they are at Lost and Found in all their shining aromatic glory!!
Beautifully blended teas and not to mention the woven tea strainers that are like nothing else Ive seen on the market.
All thats left now is to boil that kettle (well unless thats going to be green tea, only 80 deg celsius please)
A perfect gift in the distinguished silver caddy with deep military navy and white label or the signature golden sampler box.