Set includes 27cm fork and spoon in a European beechwood gift box.
Coloured resin handle in classic black featuring the trademark Laguiole Bee.
Constructed from superior quality stainless steel blade.

Recommended hand wash only to prolong the life of your tableware.
Just as the Champagne region of France gives its name to the much-loved drink, France’s Laguiole region has given its name to the world’s finest, most beautiful cutlery. 
 There are many manufactures of genuine French Laguiole cutlery, with one of the oldest and most prestigious being André Verdier.
Since foundation in 1859, André Verdier has produced collections of Laguiole professional cutlery. From classical forged knives to an array stylish flatware, all forms of cutlery are created in their charming factory, just outside Lyon, France
 All André Verdier Laguiole cutlery carries a Certificate of Authenticity.