Nature’s best kept secret....

Everyone’s heard of soy & paraffin wax candles but we think it’s time everyone heard just how superior beeswax is.

Beeswax is the densest wax for candles, which means it burns slower and longer.

It doesn't emit a sooty residue (hence the use in chapels and cathedrals throughout the centuries with the hives being maintained by monks for the beeswax supply) and its completely dripless (when kept out of a draft) so you won’t have to worry about dripping pillar candles when they are beeswax.

Beeswax candles almost have magic powers -they don’t just emit the sweet subtle scent of honey, they also release negative ions to clean the air of nasty particles like mould spores, pollen, odors, germs and dust.

Light these candles up and you’ll be breathing the cleanest (and most delicious) air.

No essential oil or natural blended fragrance have been added to these candles.
They are completely natural with the subtle scent of honey which means they won't overpower your space and are perfect for table settings.
7.6cm diameter

Small  - Burn time: approx 45-55 hours. 
Medium - Burn time approx 60-80 hours.
Large - Burn time: approx 80-100 hours.