An all-natural outdoor body spray ideal to use during the warm summer months and around the home all year round.
Specially formulated for children and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
Contains 100% natural ingredients
Vegan & cruelty-free
Our bottles are recyclable and made out of recycled plastic in a carbon-neutral factory right here in Australia.
BPA free
It can also be used as a refreshing room and linen spray all year round.
Formulated in perfect proportions to be truly effective.
Ingredients: Water, Alcohol-free organic witch hazel, plant-based Decyl Glucoside, pure Citronella oil, pure Geranium oil, pure Lavender oil, pure Roman chamomile oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Pharmaceutical grade palm free vegetable glycerin.
NO: Parabéns, PetroChemicals, Synthetics, Alcohol, Perfume, Pegs, Palm oil. 
100% Australian Made & owned