Like no other incense you have tried! This box holds approximately 50 incense sticks of impeccable quality, hand rolled in Japan
Fragrance Notes:
Paris - A box of incense with a heart of pure rose attar: a bold floral scent as vivid as the ancient imaginations behind the frescoes of Pompeii.
La Chapelle - A transportive incense made in tribute to the serenity of the many small churches found throughout France. A deeply spiritual fragrance of cedar wood, warmth and depth.
Saint T - An elegant take on a flower shop: a woody incense with bold floral undertones and, if you breathe deeply, you can still smell their delicate and musky green leaves.
La Vert - An incense perfumed with the metaphoric interpretation of the colour green: a sweet, earthy and slightly bitter bouquet reflecting the subtle taste of Japanese matcha tea.
Specially made to be used with the Maison Balzac glass 'pebble' incense holders.