Crafted by Alix, these beautiful hand crafted vessels in limoges porcelain are to be used as a tumbler once the candle is spent
They come boxed in the stunning AdR deep navy and gold round box
Each candle is created using plant oil based wax with a cotton wick.
Burn time 50 hrs
Made In France
Abelha strikes a cord of freshly waxed furniture, a mixture of juniper berries, cedar wood, beeswax

Byzance is reminiscent of merchants of old unraveling their precious byzantine objects wrapped in leather and oriental wood. Comprised of oud, amber, cashmere wood.

Eden In the antechamber of the orchard which will take you to heaven on earth where orange blossom and bergamot reign, endorsed by musky notes.

Ficus Fresh top notes of citrus pair with fig, cedar-wood, white musk to give the memories of a beautiful summer evening under the fig tree

Happiness is the celebration of springtime with scents of jasmine, neroli, white musk

Neptune, God of the Sea, blows across the oceans on the sails of the boats. From the land of rising sun the sailors bring back spices, citruses, ginger and sandalwood.

Trefle vetiver, lily of the valley, moss combine to create this turn of the seasons scent from winter to spring

Tuileries subtle notes of vanilla and incense mixed with cashmere wood to remind you of summer evenings in Paris

The porcelain cup can be reused once the candle is finished (and completed with the others from the collection).