This unglazed Daisy flower pot from Bergs Potter has been named after the Danish queen Margrethe, who was given the nickname Daisy by her closest friends. It is also the English name of the ever-popular marguerite flower. The design by Bergs Potter is meant to symbolize both queen and flower by making use of many elegant and classical lines to create a regal and organic expression.
All of the pots by Bergs Potter are made by hand from Italian premium clay in a sophisticated and intricate construction. The quality materials and careful design create a premium planter, one that lets the roots of the plants breathe and thrive while retaining moisture in the soil — the truly optimal environment for your beloved plants. These handcrafted pieces gently shift in colour as time and life imbue themselves into the pots, adding a great deal of charm and grace — each pot, then, is entirely unique and no two pieces are exactly alike