KYOI - "Clean, Clear, Pure" in Japanese

 This range has become our go to cloths in the kitchen. They just seem to be the perfect size, great texture, and weight and expel water well when wrung out - thus the waterlogged (and a little on the nose) cloth at the sink is a thing of the past! Not to mention a tad more gorgeous than your average cloth with the style and quality your kitchen deserves.

The Charcoal Net Cloth is made with Kayakiji which was traditionally used for protection against mosquitoes in Japan.

Now ‘Kayakiji’ is reborn and reshaped into practical function as a highly absorbant quick dry, layered several cloth using carefully selected cotton and rayon materials with the anti-microbial and odour-neutralising  powers of Kishu binchotan charcoal.  Sustainably selected limbs from Japanese Holm oaks (growing on the hills of Kii peninsula) are traditionally kiln dried for weeks to produce a high grade of Binchotan charcoal, especially prized for its purifying ionic properties.

Manufactured using safe starch natural glue from carbohydrate to so before using please do wash with lukewarm water to wash away the natural starch, then the fabric will be dramatically soft and nice volume.

30 x 30cm

Front 100% cotton with charcoal. Back 100% rayon net.

Made in Japan since 1949