With whimsical paper flowers that are sure to make you smile popping out of the top of the book, PossAbilities is like no other book you’ve seen.

It’s about finding the magic in whatever you do. Encompassing fourteen creative career incarnations, this grounded memoir includes bittersweet ruminations on uncertainty and trust. You’ll find heartfelt inspiration to use your courage, take chances and make changes as you learn about the importance of self-efficacy.

Driven by curiosity and a desire to be useful, Victoria has worked as a freelance stylist/art director, been the Fashion Editor for Cosmopolitan and Vogue, and is the founder of The Russell Hotel and The Bathers Pavilion.

She believes that if we are open to possibility, unexpected rewards happen – preventions and cures, inventions and relationships. Some things are unlikely. Some things will never happen. But they always could, at any time – nobody ever truly knows how things will turn out. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

Victoria lives for everyday moments and kinship, is motivated and happy to be outside her comfort zone, and rarely, if ever, looks for the easiest way. She encourages you to do the same.

Victoria finds it hard to come to terms with a flat unexplained ‘no’ and being told that something can’t be done. She doesn’t accept ordinary, nor does she contemplate failure, and is reassuring about the belief that incredible things come from patience. Embracing the present moment, she is not one of the 80 per cent of people who avoid change and believes there is no need for you to be either.

Music is a way of communicating beyond language. It creates a mood and can evoke strong autobiographical memories or help form new ones. As if tapped into a time machine, each chapter heading is the name of a song that speaks of that period.

The Spotify playlist and link at the back of the book have been created as a captivating intersection to comfort you and carry you along on this journey of other times and other places.