There’s a place that is borderless. A real world that sees us more alike than is often imagined. A world that can be found within our attitude. A place that comes from caring, connections, community, sustainability, from an understanding that life is best when it involves compassion.
Utilising both images and words in a seamless way, real salutes that world and all it has to offer. It’s a 320 page book that urges you to pay attention. To look around you with sensitivity to see connections; to recognise the agelessness of integrity; to value the dignity in small things, to appreciate the imperfect and the possibility of creating beauty.
It takes courage to be real. There's pressure to soften our honesty, our desires, our spark, yet we don't need anyone else’s permission to be who we really are. Being real means not being controlled by another person or people, there's an unhealthiness in that. It doesn't breed true contentment.
We all have times of walloping difficulty and doubt. To be real is to respond to your inner voice - the one that seeks goodness, happiness and peace.
Drawing examples from a diversity of cultures real explores a simplified and honest approach to life and living. It contains a thought provoking dictionary defining what is real as well as a detachable poster.
The photographs have been taken in 27 different countries.
I’m loving this book . . . with its stunning images of cultures around the world that imagines such an attitude.’ thread
I'm in bed , NZ - reading, absorbing yr book REAL. I Ab. Adore it.’L.T
Murdoch Books
Published 2015
ISBN: 1743361165